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Dr. Hanan Gazit, Ph.D. is a Gameful Experiences Engineer and Founder at ✪ juloot interactive Gamification. He is a Gaming and Virtual Worlds researcher; academic lecturer; games, apps, and startup mentor; keynote speaker and book author of  'The GamefulHeroes Future' (in preparation). Owner at Gamescademy 

Hanan consults leading Fortune 500 companies and startups on using his GamefulHeroes framework and toolbox for creating gameful and engaging experiences for boosting results to success. He delivers gamification lectures and gameful design workshops for enterprise and startups concerning branding, marketing, sales, management training, and learning. Additionally, he serves as the Israeli Chapter of the Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA).

Sectors: Gaming, Product, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Strategy, Product Roadmap and Business Development.

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